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Asset Searches

Asset searches are an important part of the litigation process and are a key component of a background investigation.  Whether you or your client are trying to collect on a judgment, are seeking a pre-judgment remedy, or are trying to determine if it is worth proceeding with litigation our searches can guide your decisions.  Our searches can uncover:

  • Real Property

  • Mortgages, Liens, Judgments, Lawsuits (As Creditor/Plaintiff)

  • Personal Property (Automobiles, Aircraft, Collectables, Watercraft)

  • Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks

  • Corporate & Business Affiliations

  • Inheritances

  • Employment

  • Liquid Assets

  • Liabilities

  • Fraudulent Conveyances

Asset searches prior to filing a lawsuit can tell you what is it worth expending the time and funds to file a lawsuit in the first place, particularly if your judgment could exceed their insurance coverage, or to prevent a fraudulent conveyance of assets.  Why search for liabilities when looking for assets?  It gives a much more accurate picture of net worth.  If the subject owns a $10,000,000 brownstone in Brooklyn, and a second home in Martha’s Vineyard but has used the properties to secure a $25 Million commercial loan to a business the subject owns and is in bankruptcy, the subject may have a zero net worth.

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