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A background investigation comes in many forms and is conducted to varying degrees of scope.  Unfortunately there is no investigative industry standard definition of what a background investigation consists of or is called.   Terms frequently associated with Background Investigations are Due Diligence Inquiry, Executive Profiles, Background Checks, On-Line Dating/Pre-Marital Background Check, Criminal Checks, Pre-employment Investigations, Tenant Screening, Investigative Consumer Report, and Nanny Checks, Domestic Screening, Red Flag Checks, all of which come under the rubric of Background Investigations.   These terms more describe the purpose of the background investigation rather then what is included in the investigation.  What sets them apart from each other is the purpose and scope of the investigation and in some instances how they are regulated. 

As with most investigations the purpose of a background investigation is to enable one to make an informed decision as to whom to hire, go into business with, trust with investments, lend money,  rely on their expertise, impeach a witness or not.


What we Offer:

Due Diligence

Opposition Research

Executive & Board Member Screening

Pre-employment Investigations

Home Care-giver/Nanny Checks

Background Checks

Pre-rental Investigations/Pre-Purchase Investigations

Both Prospective Tenant & Land-lord Investigations

Pre-Marital/On-Line Dating Background Checks

Business Background Investigations

Witness Investigations

What we can include:


Identity Verification

Criminal Record Search

Litigation Searches (Plaintiff & Defendant)

Judgments & Liens

Bankruptcy Search

Driving History Searches

Credit Reports

Professional License & Disciplinary Action Searches

Education Verification

Employment Verification

Reference Check

Social Media Search

Web Search

Government Watchlist Search

Real Property Search

Personal Property Search

News & Trade Publication Search

Political Contributions

Government Exposure/Conflict of Interest Check

Site Visits



Things we uncover can include:


  • Criminal Histories

  • Regulatory & Disciplinary Actions

  • Driving History (Accidents, Moving Violations, Driving Under the Influence)

  • Bankruptcies (Would you hire a CFO who filed for bankruptcy?)

  • Litigiousness (Would you hire a caregiver for your parent who sued 3 out 5 families they worked for?)

  • Failed Companies (Do you really want to back their latest venture if their past 3 went belly up?)

  • False Identities & Credentials

  • Assets & Liabilities (are they living within their means?)

  • Lawsuits, Judgments, Tax Liens, (Do you want to hire a CFO who has been sued for Fraud?)

  • SEC Investigations (Do you want to hire an investment advisor who has been banned for life?)

  • Breach of Contract

  • Negligence

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Unsavory Behavior

  • Undisclosed Liabilities

  • Credit History


 Our Background Investigations are tailored to your needs.  We do recommend certain checks that we consider to be best practices for the industry.  An investment bank will have different but surprisingly  similar requirements to an individual seeking a background investigation of their potential nanny or elderly relative's live in companion.  When hiring for a household people tend to focus on criminal or sex offender status, yet financial and litigation history can be more relevant in predicting and preventing elder-fraud, identity theft, theft,  and scams as civil litigation is often used in lieu of criminal charges to recover items and funds.  An investment bank may have an interest not in just illegal activity but reputational information such as sexual harassment or boorish behavior that would reflect poorly on the business.

How much should I spend on a background investigation and why?


Each case is different and the investigation should be tailored toward your needs.   When people think of a background investigation they frequently mean just a criminal record search or “is the subject a sex offender?”  Criminal records searches are not as straight forward as internet websites would like you to believe.  Contrary to what you will see on the world wide web, with very specific exceptions such as accredited law enforcement agencies, there is no comprehensive nationwide criminal record search available in the United States.    Even then, most criminal information available in NCIC originates from local court houses and police departments.  Court’s and police department’s budgets vary widely and data submission to outside agencies isn’t always a top priority.  Please see our fees page for more details on costs.

Our Approach

Our approach starts with the client.  We listen, ask lots of questions, strategize and continuously refine our strategy as case information develops.  Despite similarities, every case is unique and we do not use cookie cutter solutions.   We provide our clients with creative, ethical, legal and realistic solutions structured to reaching their goal.  Of course we use the latest technology and professional investigative tools available, but never hesitate to use old fashioned superior sleuth and cunning.  It is the skill of our staff, not the tools we wield that produce the results.  

We consistently adhere to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure our work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate.  Our investigations are always structured as if the the results and supporting evidence are to be presented in court.  After all, in-depth and responsible research is a main pillar at our company. Set up your initial consultation and learn what our Private Investigation Firm can do for you.

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