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What do we charge?

Because all investigations unique and are tailored to your needs we do not have fixed fees for any type of investigation. However, on our FAQ page we have provided suggested minimum budgets for several types of investigations we offer.  

We will, after discussing your case in detail, provide you with an estimate or you may provide us with your budget for the investigation, but be aware we do not accept any cases on a contingency basis.

Our fees are based on our time spent on your case and expenses incurred in conducting an investigation.  In certain instances such as court appearances, depositions, being on stand-by, or where air travel is involved we may bill at a flat daily rate.  The clock starts as soon we begin work on your case and ends when we are not actively working on your case.   This includes travel time, if any, as well email or verbal updates and written reports.  Expenses can include but are not limited to mileage, tolls, parking fees, copying costs, certification fees, memory storage devices, film, printing costs, video tape, airfare, car rental, and lodging, meals during extended travel (defined as 75 or more miles from our office). Our fee will never exceed the agreed upon budget without your prior consent.  All fees/rates/ will be included in our retainer agreement.

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