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Missing Heirs, Debtors, Skips, Missing Persons, Witnesses


We have over 30 years of experience in locating hard to find people.   From siblings separated by the holocaust to a potential witness mentioned in a local newspaper article published more than 10 years before we got the case.   We have found people in Austria , Australia, Canada,  England , France, Germany,  Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden,  Venezuela  and of course the United States.    Google, and the internet or inexpensive web sites can be a great place to start if you are just casually interested in finding an old friend or acquaintance.   However, if you have exhausted those resources and need the services of a professional we are here to help.    The key to our success in locating people is anticipating and early adoption of the latest technologies while simultaneously using human intelligence skills where databases fail.  While on-line sources are frequently a key to locating someone, there is much original source information that is not accessible on-line but still resides in dusty files or in someone’s head.   Or simply put, we know how to ask people where someone is in a way that gets the answer our clients need.  For those instances where you must demonstrate due diligence in locating an individual, we are happy to be of service with:

Identifying and Locating Witnesses with everything from Social Media to Shoe Leather for Interviews, Statements and subpoena as well as obtaining background information.

Estates & Beneficiaries – Finding and identifying heirs, beneficiaries, and witnesses whether they’ve joined an ashram in India or are studying Orcas in the Antarctic, we have found missing heirs in some of the most interesting places.

Primary Residence Investigations for Landlords and School Districts.  Whether it involves complex rent regulations for a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment or a student’s family pretending to reside in a school district we can determine and document a person’s primary residence. 

Skip Tracing tenants for Property Management Companies, locating property owners for Service of Process of foreclosure notice.  Locating Debtors.

Missing Persons and estranged family members.

Long lost relatives, “surprise siblings”, birth parents, a family member you haven’t spoken to in 20 years because of a fight, slight, divorce or a lifestyle.   Life events open people up to the idea of a reconciliation e.g.  birth, illness, a death in the family, a child’s question about family history, a family reunion.  Not only can we help to locate the party in question, we can act as a go between to negotiate a reconciliation.

Information Helpful to us in locating a subject:

Full legal name as well as nickname

Names of Relatives (Parents, Siblings) and Friends

Last Known Address of subject and subject's relatives (No matter how old).

Last known Telephone numbers (even if disconnected), email addresses

Employment and Occupation

Personal Identifiers (Social Security Number & Date of Birth)

Lease Applications, links to known Social Media Accounts etc.

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