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So you are interested in hiring us what comes next? 

Potential clients can set up a no obligation appointment to meet with us or request a telephone appointment so we can discuss the details of your case including your budget.  We do understand that you may have no idea what an appropriate budget is for your type of case. 

After we have discussed your case in detail we will suggest a budget.  If agreed then we will forward you a retainer agreement which will detail all rates, fees, billable expenses, time frame, obligation(s) in cases of cancellation, deception or interference by client(s).  Clients must sign & initial one copy of retainer agreement, and return it to us.  We will also forward to you appropriate release, pre-adverse action, adverse action, notification forms for investigations covered by The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Drivers Privacy Protection Act.  We cannot conduct Pre-Employment Investigations, which include Nanny/Elder checks without a notarized release from the subject.  Nor can we conduct searches of driving and motor vehicle records without a   memorandum of understanding from our clients for driving and motor vehicle records.  Attorney's please note that not all states have adopted the DPPA and may have auditing requirements, that requires the disclosure of the end user and/or notification to the subject that their RMV/DMV record has been searched and by whom.

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